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Aloha from beautiful Hanalei Bay! Mahalo for your understanding as video quality may be affected by amount of viewers and weather conditions.

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Kauai Weather

  • Wind:-
  • Surf:7 - 7 ft

Hanalei Bay Tides

02/26 High 3:55 AM 1.9 ft
02/26 Low 10:21 AM .06 ft
02/26 High 3:57 PM 1.1 ft
02/26 Low 9:41 PM -0.2 ft

Hanalei Bay News

  • Is anyone else having problems viewing the Web Cam ?

    • Yes always

    • Broke again?

      • It’s working again, but I had to try three times before I got on this morning. I have found that this is the new norm. It seems that during peak viewing hours, there are so many people trying to use it that the system can’t handle the load.

    • Thanks for fixing the camera. Keeping me sane in wet California

    • I cannot see either. Was working last week.

      • I contacted them yesterday and they confirmed that there is a problem and they are working on it.

    • Yes- was working – no more

    • yes. #5 FOR THE PATRIOTS !!

      • Need some air for your balls?

    • I am unable to view.

  • Soul surfers not soul fortune seeking surfers

  • Looks like Surf Jesus is not very Christ Like….

    • How so? ,. making light of greed in the water? the sad choice as a human to consistently take the easier way out ? and be greedy and overtly mean about it while doing so .

      The art of surfing has nothing to with hassling people while standing on a device quite larger then a common Picnic Table while using a Kayak Paddle. Bring it back to the days of Duke folks.. learn the art form at its ‘core” is all I ask?

      Challenge yourselves,.. your abilities and do it right.

      Greed has no place in the worlds oceans NOW more then ever ,. Surfing ,. fishing or otherwise.
      Jack and Weebole dont you understand that the whole reason short boards the short board revolution exists????? :

      is because “Longboarder’s of the 1960’s and early 1970’s were over the inability to perform in waves on consequence.” they had NO feeling ,. you couldn’t FEEL the wave. The way a SURFER would really really really want to .

      Dont get me wrong now,. there are ultra talented surfer /SUP combo riders out there and any of them are close friends here in Hawaii. Respectfully speaking ,. they clearly understand what I’m saying.

      My concern is with the “Greed-ON-SUP’s” crowds is why hassle short boarders /bodyboarders that just trying to have a good time..???? Again learn the art of Art of “Surfing”,. everything about it i.e. power turns,. throwing sprays ,. getting barreled etc.. Speed Power and Flow Stuff~

      Kelly wanna chime in on this brah ? You were the worlds leader in the ‘glass slipper revolution’ of shortboard design. (truth be told the width/thicknesses and volumes are on the way back out sooooo whats the perfect formula in your own words?) ,. What do you think about SUP greed in the worlds lineups? out of curiosity ~ Aloha

      • Kelly Slater ~
        I believe one of your very own quotes or a close proximation there of ” The best /good surfers in the World ride— ‘the smallest’ — surf boards in the conditions permitting’ ? Me personally? I believe the REAL the reason that it is ,. “is” to bring you closest to that feeling of riding that pure, pure energy ,. feeling that feeling… adapting to the situations of the surf /waves but always touching the hand of while God in doing so ~ Thats what really makes Surfers different then the rest of the world. Who else rides her energies in the way that we do ,……….. ???
        you can almost hear the crickets 🙂 lol
        Water is most important thing to save on Earth . Let our actions speak louder then our words. Respectfully speaking God Bless Kauai, I am just her passenger. I only want good things for her , her peoples, and her land. Greed has nothing to do with anything i have written. Speaking of !!!!!! HEY Zuckerburg knock it off buddy !!! Money and Power is not the way,. acts of kindness bring real inner happiness. Work on it ,. You’ll be glad you did. Help the people of Kauai the best way you can . You’re in a solid position to do the right thing. Stop slurping China too lol Cheers World Happy 2017 ~

        • Isn’t the best surfer the one having the most fun? Whether it be a table, water skiis, dirt bike, sup, or high performance short board, we’re all trying to achieve the same goal, getting pitted and being stoked! No feeling cuza board too long, pffft, go slower, just stand there, watch, wait, listen, trim, crossstep to the tail lol, you hear the chatter under the nose, and get to see the beauty of the wave, not just the adrenaline filled foam wad barrells , snappy hack whackers, rip ramming jammers, and all that other dank stuff. Basically, what I think I’m trying to say, is that a fat chick is ok once In a while

    • He’s a Maui guy. Keep the attitude on Maui! Don’t want it in our lineups.

      • Don’t need the “Hey slow down your greed” attitude here on Kauai ? So you’re saying greed in the water is a good thing? White Belts messing up the dance floor for the ‘Black Belts” ? very foolish ~

        • The way you take a statement and make assumptions reminds me of my ex wife. Anyway maybe this is a more appropriate dialogue for Facebook or something. Not really the right venue. Just saying.

  • I see a hydrofoil out at the bowl. Lets keep the hydros at middles. Hows that sound?

  • Obviously SUP riders DO NOT know how to surf. How could they ? they’re riding Paddle Boards and not REAL Surfboards. Need proof? Watch the Hanalei Cam. See all those Stand Up Donkeys doing nothing ,. sitting out the back ,. taking every set wave,. to do nothing on them? Pathetic. Hanalei is a “World Class Wave” yet the crowd out there on the SUPS is doing nothing with it? its 2017. End Stand Up Greed. Learn to surf,. its a lot harder then riding a picnic table with half a Kayak Paddle but worth the effort once you try . Ever see a SUP get barreled at Hanalei? I rest my case.

    • I have pictures of a friend heavily barreled on a 12′ wave that other surfers would have had no chance to make . Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel they belong in the lineups if they are incompetent. There are those who are problems and those who are not . If they screw up or are being dangerous and greedy they should be treated like any other person out there . I have been hit and my board dinged and been snaked and burned but that mean all paddle boarders are issues. The ones that have never surfed , don’t know how or any of the ediquitte should never paddle out there . Nor should there be surf schools of paddle boarders or surfers but that happens too ….

      • Much respect to him / that crew brother 🙂 they’re the solution ,. not the problem. the problem is the bitter beer gut posse on sups lol not your buddy at all by any means ,. with much respect and aloha


    • Stand up paddle boarding has been cancelled for the rest of the winter season! Plenty guys bailing the boards out there yesterday like it was 10 foot Waimea. They are dangerous! Saw a guy get sucked up the face and thrown over the lip on a sup out there. Triple overhead, nearly took out the guy surfing it. Yeah go play in the river or surf middles. Aloha!

    • Amen!!!

      • Hey Surf Jesus,

        Relax a bit. I’ve surfed my whole life and prefer to use one of my shorter boards for great breaks. But I have a long board and have SUP surfed too just for the hell of it. Different strokes for different folks. But if you’re getting upset that someone is on a different length board than you are riding on that day, then you are the one who needs to find a different space and relax. I’ve survived big waves – cancer being the biggest – and I will tell you life is too short to sweat the small stuff.

        • I’ve been surfing the bowl, on a long board, for 30 years and MOST of the SUP guys know what they are doing and share waves. They know how to handle, don’t get in the way, and can control their boards. Sup’s are here to stay and ya have to deal with it. Stay frosty.

          • “””””and MOST of the SUP guys know what they are doing and share waves. “”””” Note top self: This is clearly one of the biggest lies ever told.

            1. Why ride waves on a picnic table with a Kayak Paddle?Any honest “Surfer” would tell you its the least amount of “Surfing” you can actually do. Obvious evolution of surfing fact. “Shortboards exist because longboards didn’t work/perform”
            2. If you have a Paddle Board go find an out of the way ,. outter reef,. thats what the paddle is for no?
            3. The amount of classic white guy in a suit Wall Street Greed in SUP Paddle Riders has to stop !?!?!?!?!?? Its endemic on Kauai. Too many Beer Guts and Grandmas wearing sunglasses and iPhones on the end bowl at Hanalei. Thats a world class wave ,. STOP Blowing it! Do Something… Challenge yourselves… LEARN TO SURF!!!!!!!! “Stand Up Paddle Boarding,. on PADDLE BOARDS is the fffffffffurthest thing from surfing . Try riding a SURFBOARD.. one that you can actually feel the wave with . and for God Sakes DO SOMETHING out there … END SUP GREED YESTERDAY> Enough is Enough.

  • i cant wait to come here and burn laird…

    • Aloha Kelly…when you on Kauai? my daughter very much needs your signature on her board. We are there from Dec.22 through Jan. 8

    • no one burn thy one and only

    • Yeah…Haha…hope I’m out there that day!! 🙂

      • The battle of the Titans !

  • Mahalo for the peek into paradise…my heart longs to be there!

  • aloha
    is your cam down ?

    • It’s up ..Mahalo Nui

    • Yes, the webcam is undergoing repairs at the moment. Thank you for your patience!

  • Love the new web cam. Haven’t viewed it in a while so i don’t know how new it is … but it provides an awesome picture. Thx!

  • Looks like the web-cam is down again. Is it just high volume and I just can’t get through, or is it down for everybody ?

    • Wow, right after I posted the comment, it started working.

  • THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU – I get my daily calm and inspiration from the beauty and magic.

  • Must be the server can’t handle the traffic? Or is that the camera is super prone to not working?
    Appreciate the efforts but still cannot check the surf when it comes up. Can see plenty when it’s flat.

    • any red trucks

      • can make this next jackson hole live cam

  • And………….WE’RE BACK!!!
    Many mahalos for your efforts.

  • Bummer dude! The dollar a month is still on the table.

  • The two views are pier and close up of pier. The surf view doesn’t help unless you wanna sponge board the river mouth. The waves are out a little further.

    Would love to see the surf!

  • Aloha haven’t looked at the cam since last winter, but seeing as how it’s fall again your locals are going to start tuning back in and the view of the surf is ahh not so great. I mean if your five and checking the pier bowl it’s epic….
    & North West View is that gone for good?
    Mahalo Nui, dre

  • Down again?

  • Thank you for fixing the camera. I missed it when it was down. I love looking at it a couple times a day.

  • Thanks for the cam. I’m sure my comment represents 99% of the cam watching community here. So thanks again.

    • Agreed! I am part of the 99% … LOVE the cam … Greatly appreciated!

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