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Aloha from beautiful Hanalei Bay! Mahalo for your understanding as video quality may be affected by amount of viewers and weather conditions.

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Kauai Weather

Hanalei Bay Tides

09/19 High 3:07 AM 1.4 ft
09/19 Low 8:50 AM .19 ft
09/19 High 3:25 PM 1.9 ft
09/19 Low 9:39 PM .22 ft

Hanalei Bay News

  • What are the signs on the beach for? Is the water polluted?

    • Don’t know, but if I had to guess I suppose it could be Man O’ War, or other stinging jellies perhaps (?). There were Man O’ War on the east coast a week or two ago; blown in by the winds I expect.

      • My son called me from there and told me it was polluted bacteria

        • Any word on the source of the bacteria?

          • from a recent storm we had flooded the area , and the river was discharging brown water full of bacteria run off of the town and farms. the river also discharges alot of toxic chemicals and metals especially when there is alot of rain.

            its normal. just dont swim in murky water

  • Great camera shots…love Hanalei and the pier…many happy memories wish I was there…

  • Me, too. For the last three days I only see the “Loading” on the black screen.

  • Is the cam working? All I see is a black “loading” screen the last few days.

  • Anyone know what they are fishing for?

  • Does anyone ever just stop complaining and thank the real estate company that puts this on line. Lighten up and enjoy what you have for FREE!!!!!!

    • I agree! Be happy that you can see Hanalei Bay. Have been there many times and it was Heaven! Wish I could return there some day. It is my fondest hope. PARADISE ! And thank you to the real estate coming making it possible for me to reminisce visually.

  • Happy 4th of July

  • Any update as to when the cam will be working again?

  • Thanks everyone. Got my husband to fix the problem. I can now see the Bay.

    • ur a idiot

    • Looks like the livecam is down again.

  • Please get the camera fixed. I’m having withdrawals from not being able to see Hanalei Bay. All I’m seeing is a yellow paper thing. I’m logged on at different times of the day and night and still nothing. Thanks.

    • Randa
      You need to have flash and/or java on your computer.
      Wont display in certain browsers that don’t support flash
      I can get that yellow screen in “Safari”.
      Non-flash browser.

    • I have never had this ” Yellow Paper Thing ” problem. I looked at the Web Cam this morning and it was working for me. Your problem could be with your computer set up. I believe you need to have Adobe Flash Player installed in order to watch any kind of moving web cams, but I’m not a computer expert.

      • To get rid of yellow backdrop: If using Chrome: type in chrome://settings/content in browser. Scroll down to Flash and click on Allow sites to run Flash, click done.

        If it’s “loading” it means there are too many concurrent users, and you need to surf somewhere else.

        At one time “local knowledge” was being aware of the tides, winds, swell periods and knowing when to paddle out. Now it’s knowing how to set up your browser to get the streaming surf cams and using the mouse. Surf cams did to the surf scene as Tinder did to the dating scene – no more thrill of discovery and “courtship”, just wham-bam-thank you-ma’am. Swipe right on Bali Hai Realty

  • In reply to Ken Martin,
    The web cam is working. Sometimes when you try and log on it just says ” Loading ” and never downloads. I think that this happens when there are to many people trying to use it and the system can”t handle the load. I just keep trying, sooner or later I get through. I think what Janette is requesting is that more views are added like there used to be showing Lumahai Beach etc. Right now there are two views, the pier with the long range view of the surf and the zoom in view of the surf, which for the purpose of checking the surf conditions is good. Since that’s what I use it for, I like it the way it is. Hope this helps.

    • thanks 4 the heads up, the bay looks fine, simple had to add to my google chrome settings, flash enabled, click done…funny sometimes would work before, maybe heavy viewing was a factor, but it is nice that it work expediently…thanks for taking time and sharing your aloha, helping to keep kaua’i special

      and ty balihai 4 hosting these webcams, truly we live in one of the most beautiful place on earth…i enjoy checking the waves, and sunsets,. would like to see kitties, the smaller waves, next to pier, yet thankful for the two views, aloha

    • You are right. I would like to see more of the bay without taking away from what is available now. Just wishing, since I can’t be there as much as I would like.

  • What’s happened to the camera. All I’ve been getting is a yellow paper looking thing on it. Thanks.

  • I’m just wondering if all you old boys out there on your ocean-liners when it’s 4 feet have your unlimited tonnage Captain’s licenses? Don’t you know it’s illegal to be so close to shore without a pilot vessel? It’s only a matter of time before one of you runs aground on the reef and we have another Exxon Valdez disaster on our hands. Oh the humanity!

  • Thanks so much for your webcam. It’s so nice to be able to see this wonderful bay for a few minutes each day. Could we see more of the beach and a little less of the sky? Also, are there any plans to upgrade so we’ll be able to look across the bay like we have in the past?

    • NO!

      • Wtf!? Awfully rude Doug.

        • Thank you.may i have another!!! (wtf) is rude.j

      • NO! to what? Everything?

        • IT’s a joke. come see in person.

          • That’s my plan. But til then, I’m watching what little I can on webcams

        • I think the cam is perfect just like it is.

          • to leave the cam not working is a loss to the tourists and kamaaina residents who enjoy the live view of the ocean conditions at hanalei, and scenic view of pier. ty

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