Webcam Message

Aloha from beautiful Hanalei Bay! Mahalo for your understanding video quality may be affected by amount of viewers and weather conditions.

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Kauai Weather

  • Wind:ENE @ 15 kts
  • Surf:4 - 4 ft

Hanalei Bay Tides

07/31 Low 12:33 AM .28 ft
07/31 High 6:40 AM 1.1 ft
07/31 Low 11:55 AM .56 ft
07/31 High 6:10 PM 1.5 ft

Hanalei Bay News

  • camera has not work good for a while.

  • See ya next Thursday!!!! Yeah, baby!!!!

    • Has anyone done any shore scuba diving off any of the Kauai beaches lately? How was the water? What was the temperature?

  • So beautiful–thank you so much for letting me look at “paradise” a couple times a day!


  • Looking forward to my yearly visit to this beautiful place. The local people are a always pleasant and laid back. I always feel like I missed my calling in life because Kauai seems like I should have spent my life there. I would probably still have hair and a lot less stressed out for sure. Aloha !

  • Can almost hear the ocean!
    Haaaaay….What’s the chances?

  • It’s be nice if it just streamed and didn’t get bumped to check out your website. There is no question who is offering this cam, just let it roll please.

    • Just open a 2nd or 3rd window.
      Log in to each at the surfcam.
      When one expires go to the next one.
      That way you can have control for a good long time.

  • I will be seeing this beautiful place in 19 long days


    • Don’t mean to complain, but the site is Labled HD, when most the time the picture is pretty awful, so people are justified in making honest comments…just saying…

  • Way Cool The Cam Thanks oh so very much You have one of the best cams in the state I am visiting San Diego And I miss I got Mainland fever just a few days back on the mainland I can’t wait to get back home to Kauai Aloha keep up the good work keeping people in touch with the north shore .

  • I really enjoy checking in on Kauai webcams on my coffee breaks. Feels like you are there. Thanks for maintaining this camera.

  • Thanks for a great cam! I love Hanalei beach and this makes me so happy to see!

  • The ability to comment about the web cam should be turned off. Seems like complaints about the free view of paradise out weigh the compliments. I’ve been a viewer since it’s inception and have always thought it was a great benefit but I have never demanded better service like so many who use it. After all, Bali Hai Realty is trying to sell real estate not provide surf reports and or people watching possibilities. Just a thought…

    • Concur.

      If there is a moderator, just dump the negative cam posts. This isn’t the government, you have every right to censorship.


    • I agree… After all it’s a free service for all…..
      Be happy with what you have. I am.

  • please would someone hose off the camera lens. After the west winds it is covered with salt. Maybe ill go down and do it myself Damm

    • We’ve got two fronts coming this weekend starting tomorrow. Once those pass, we’ll clean it up. Glad you enjoy the cam. Aloha.

  • love the cam – just wish it showed the cape or pinetrees

    • After such heavy weather over the last week, west winds, rain, etc. I think we need the lens cleaning crew to visit the camera’s location. I mean I would go and do it but, I would need permission first.
      Cam Atcher

  • Aloha!
    I’ve only recently noticed something that I believe is fairly recent and that is the so-called “Web Message” just below the video of the most beautiful place on earth.
    The way I figure it and even though I’ve lived here almost 25 years, I can take the “Web-Cam” just the way it is. I sometimes can’t believe it actually exists at all. With the “weather” really being the opposite of what most visitors probably pictured it, I’m not surprised a mechanical device being “beaten up” is affected. Humankind hasn’t perfected everything technology-wise, if anything at all really. But anyway…
    Just wanted to let everyone know to keep an eye on the “messenger” and just relax and enjoy it. (It actually has a huge red exclaimation point marking where it is!)
    Just enjoy the part(s) that work, OK? :-}
    Aloha For Now!

    • YES!
      It seems somebody is out there looking after our precious Bay Web Cam.
      The smearing has disappeared and everything is real cool.
      I guess once you give those tech guys notice, they can analyse the problem and set to fixing it.
      Thanks again.
      Cam Watcher

    • So right! It’s so awesome of the wonderful people that agree to have the webcam atop their roof. If I had to choose between not seeing paradise at all or just a little – it’s a no-brainer. Those few seconds are magical!

      • Aloha
        First I would like to thank all involved with getting and keeping the camera rolling. Nothing warms me as much as logging into the camera on a -20 degree day in Minnesota. While it may not always be a perfect view we all have to remember it is free to use complements of Bali Hai Realty. Keep the camera rolling, so I can see what I am missing in this Garden Paradise. It helps me survive the cold days, while I count the days till I return. Mahalo Bali Hai thanks for the camera.

      • +1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Aloha Lisa from Vancouver Island(!), RLS and Everyone!
          Obviously, I couldn’t agree more or, maybe I could. ;-}
          Another way to look at it getting a chance to see something even I had to PAY (airfare, lodging, food, etc.) to see, FOR FREE, for as long as you choose to. Something I had to only DREAM of for 10 years, literally…
          I’d have dreams so vivid, I’d think I was actually here, then after a while of my dream, my ALARM would go off and I’d wake up soooooo dissappointed. It actually got to the point where I’d actually realize I was dreaming and then find something that would convince me that I wasn’t dreaming!! My most vivid one is going up to a palm tree and actually TOUCH it. I figured if I could feel the ACTUAL texture of the palm trees’ bark, I MUST be here in Hawaii…of course, only to have my ALARM go off again! Coming back here made me realize that if it were at all possible, I wanted to LIVE here or go nuts only dreaming about it!
          Yeah, I STILL can’t believe this actually exists at all!
          Thanks for sharing in that feeling again. Living here can make one forget what a special place this is. It really IS!
          OK. Enough already. Enjoy the view(s)!
          Aloha For Now!

  • The camera is very disappointing lately (last 3 months).
    It seems whenever I tune in, – - the picture just smears.
    It happens no mater what browser I use.
    I know you may be attributing this to many users trying to get a view all at the same time, but I seem to be able to get control. If there were hoards of users out there tying up the frame rate wouldn’t at least some of them be trying to get control too?
    With a computer background of many years, I would like to suggest having a Technician look at the system. Have him allot more resources to the software that controls the camera. If this is not the case then the next potential solution would be to contact the service that provides the hosting for the camera output on the Internet.
    Thanks for your attention to this matter,
    Cameron W. Atcher

    • Congratulations CAM!
      Your remarks to the page operators seem to have worked.
      They must have made some software adjustments.
      Very little schmeering now and thats just great.
      I’m sure all the viewers will concur the cam seems much better over the last few days since your comments.
      Web d. Peeper

      • The cam does seem better now. Maybe the squeaky wheel does get the grease. Mahalo to the cam repair guys.

    • It’s always done this thing, but in the last three months it has been getting allot worse. Today I was only able to see something for two seconds and then it smeared out.

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